I left it to you all to ask me any questions you wanted about me, my blog, or my life. These were your top questions and my answers. Part 3 of 3.

Also, be sure to listen to the podcast if you want to know more. I expounded on a lot of these.

I have wondered something – Did you choose Single Dad Laughing to be the opposite of LDS?

For those who don’t know, LDS (Latter Day Saints) is another name for Mormons (the religion I was once a part of).

It was just coincidence that the initials of Single Dad Laughing happen to be LDS backwards.

Also, it is the same letters as in LSD. And DSL.

So, does it stand to reason that I’m an overly religous tripping druggie blogger who loves outdated internet connections?

What’s the most offensive thing that anyone’s ever said to you?

It takes a lot to actually offend me. But once (and this was the final straw for me in my second marriage), I made a couch cushion fort with my kid and we were all sleeping in it. During the night, Noah crawled over and fell asleep on my pillow with me.

When we woke up, my wife was upset and said that she felt I was inappropriate with my child and that she feared I may be a sexual threat.

I have never been that offended (or mad) in my life, and it was that day that I ended it.

Call me anything you want. But don’t ever cross that line and look at healthy touch and interaction with my kid as threatening.

Why does everyone think you’re gay? I know you came out and said that gender makes no impact on who you love, but I keep seeing posts criticizing you for not being the “gay you say.”

I have never said I was gay, but many people either just skimmed the content or read only the title of my coming out post and assumed I was coming out as gay. Others came and started reading because they were simply told that "I came out."

And, since I hardly ever (as in almost never) talk about my sexuality on the blog, there is a curve to catch people up to real time. I talked about that in my post The Harsh and Hurtful Reality of Being Bisexual.

As for being "the gay I say I am," I just laugh. To me, part of helping change the obsessions people have with LGBTs is proving that you don’t have to make everything be about your sexuality. Life is life. People are people. Sexuality shouldn’t matter.

What do you think about Mormons?

Same thing I think about everyone else.

Some are awesome.

Some are weenies.

Some are greedy. Some are generous. Some are kind. Some are mean. Some are beautiful people. Some are vicious and ugly people. Some of them are my best friends, some of them I despise.

People are people. Religion shouldn’t matter.

As a single dad, what have you done with your kids that you would not have when with their mom?

This is a really interesting question. I honestly think I spend much more quality time with him than I might have had we stayed together.

I love our little Daddy dates, our fishing trips, and our movie nights where just the two of us have a blast all night long. I love getting all the morning snuggles to myself. I love that when it’s just us, it’s just us.

I think that we go more places, take more vacations, and in general I’m willing and able to spend more money to make good memories happen. But, it’s all just a guess because I have never been here before.

Only one question, and I’m sure you’re asked this a lot. How did you become such a great dad?

I think I’m a good dad. Sometimes I’m a really great dad. Sometimes I’m a crappy dad.

Most of the time, I’m just a good dad who loves my kid. I didn’t become a good dad, I decided to be a good dad. I decided early on exactly what I would never shirk on.

Sometimes I want to yell. Sometimes I want to tell him to get out of my face. Sometimes I want to ignore him and let video games raise him. It’s the conscious decision every day to not do those things that I think make or break the title of good dad.

Well, that and my willingness to eat his leftover ice cream.


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