Over on the SDL Facebook Page, I asked you all to tell me something amazing you’ve done for someone else. Something that NOBODY knows you did.

These were 24 of your {beautiful} replies In no particular order. I sure love people. Thank you for sharing.


I donated my daughters organs and tissue. I’ve only ever heard one update – that a 68 day old baby girl in California was a recipient. I imagine she is about 10 now and feel so grateful one other mother doesn’t know the pain of losing their baby.


There is a family in our neighborhood that has been dealing with unemployment for like 4 years. She posted that they weren’t going to be able to pass out candy to trick or treaters because they couldn’t afford it. So I bought some extra and put it on their porch, rang the bell and ran.


I lived next to an elderly lady who was homebound. She was a hoot and loved her game shows. I saw the cable guy once about to disconnect her cable for non-payment. I had him add her to my account and paid for four years until she passed away.


I’m sure this will get lost in the comments, but I wanted to share. My mother was dying of cancer and we went to the beach for one final trip to the ocean. For nearly 15 years, she searched for a glass float that had washed ashore. Knowing this was the last time she’d physically see the ocean, my sister bought one of the glass floats still in the net from an aquarium. As we stopped one last time at the beach, I had my mom help me put my nephew’s shoes on while my dad and sister could roll the glass float near the water’s edge. Seeing her find that glass float was priceless a smile I will never forget. She passed away three years ago believing that glass float had washed ashore just for her.


When I was breastfeeding my son, I had more milk than he could take, so for almost one year I donated my milk to a hospital, to feed newborns. I have no idea to whom and to how many babies the bottles went to, and the moms never knew who I was. It was wonderful just the same.


We had a family at my kids school many years ago and the mom was diagnosed with cancer. I paid a years worth of hot lunch for the 3 kids.


When we got down sized at work years ago, I offered to give up my job so my co-worker, who had been there for 20 years, could keep his job. They ended up giving him a new position so we both could stay!


I had a rough time in middle school, and had no friends. Valentine’s Day in sixth grade, I came home from school to a flower arrangement on my front porch with a note that read “From your secret admirer.” Every year on that day I received anonymous flowers. I felt so special and so loved, and when he died my junior year of high school, the flowers stopped coming but I never made the connection. My mom kept the secret for many years until one day recently I asked her if she knew who had sent me all those flowers. She said, “I promised not to tell” and then it dawned on me. “Was it dad?” I asked. She just teared up, smiled at me and nodded. The mysterious flowers were from the best secret admirer I could have ever imagined and I swear it changed my life.

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