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Sometimes I have to wonder why there is anyone left here at all.

On the blog, I mean.

I have no idea why there is anyone left to read it or how there is anyone left.

Yet here we are, and we just passed a quarter million people that follow Single Dad Laughing, and every day many more hundred somehow find it and decide to stick around.

Please note: that last paragraph just offended other bloggers who say bloggers are to never mention their own numbers.

But also every day, I tick off someone. Sometimes lots and lots of people.

Just this week has been a great example.

On Monday I wrote and published Fifty Cents for a Swear. Oh man, did I open the flood gates of criticism on that one, and rightfully so. What we planned to do at the end of our year of collecting change was straight up douchey and inconsiderate even though it was going to be entertaining for us.

Please note: that last paragraph just offended people who don’t like the word douchey, and it also offended the people who say I shouldn’t ever give attention to those that give negative feedback.

And oh my gosh. There were some upset people on that post. Some so upset that I actually deleted their comments for the vitriol and foul beyond foul language that was used (something I rarely, rarely do).

Please note: that last paragraph just offended people who think that no blogger should ever delete any comment no matter how horrible it is because, don’t you know that bloggers are the ones who put themselves out there, so they should be willing to take ANYTHING that is dished to them.

The percentage of commenters who were upset after that post was easily the majority. At least it was when I first checked the response which was about an hour after pushing it out to all of you. In fact, it was so negative that I literally never opened it up again because I know how quickly that kind of feedback can make my day spiral into deep depression and into the belief that everyone now hates me.

Please note: that last paragraph just offended the people who think that such a move is weak and cowardly because don’t you know that if I’m willing to share such a thing, I also should be ready to take the flack for it.

Some people adamantly declared after that post that they were gone for good. It’s something people like to do on their way out for some reason. Other people told me they were getting close. And still, the numbers that day climbed. Maybe not as much as usual, but they climbed nonetheless.

Tuesday wasn’t too bad. I only had a few angry people. One person who wanted everyone to know that I was a thief and a liar. Apparently the act of using stick figure art in blog posts belongs to one blog and one blog only, and for me to have fun with stick figures was a blatant thievery of someone else’s creativity.

Oh, and two people on Tuesday really wanted me to know how behind the game I was sharing something I did on my blog. Apparently it had been going around for years already, and me sharing it this late in the game was disrespectful to their time, or some hogwash like that.

Please note: those last few paragraphs just offended the following people… Those who think that by noticing my daily growth or decline means that I am far too hyper-focused on that instead of on blogging, those who love Hyperbole & a Half (which is one of my favorite blogs), those who love stick figures of all kinds (let’s be honest, mine were a bit insulting to stick figures everywhere), and those who don’t think any blogger should ever call anything his followers do “hogwash.”

Please also note: that last sentence just offended those who think it is sexist to say “his” and not “his or her” or “his/her.”

Please also note: that very last sentence just offended those who believe the period should come after the closing quotation mark on “his/her,” and not before.


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