9. “Mommy, I love you. Except when I’m evil.” (Age three) and said in a really creepy voice.

10. My youngest just turned four, she asked if I wanted some of her vagina. Turns out she was trying to say Lasagna.

11. We just bought a house in Texas. The morning after the first night that my four year old daughter stayed in her room, she came to me and told me that she liked Aunty D. Aunty D was my Godmother who died when I was six. So thinking I heard her wrong, I asked if she had seen her. She said “Yes! She sat by my bed all night! She told me not to be scared, and I wasn’t.” So I asked her to tell me what she looked like and she described her to a T.

12. My then 8 year old daughter and her best friend come walking in the kitchen where her sixteen year old twin siblings and I were standing, and she’s holding a brand new (still in the package!!) adult toy, and says to me “when are you going to use this with me? “I said “what are you talking about?” She said “well, I want you to curl my hair!” I told her it was broke…and laughed my butt off as the twins updated their status!

13. When my son was four we were snuggling before bedtime and he started staring at me and playing with my hair. Then he said “I wonder what you would look like dead.”

14. For my ex’s miscarriage, we had a small personal ceremony to honor the unborn baby, and we called her “baby angel”. We don’t really talk about it. Eleven months later our beautiful daughter was born. She is now four, and yesterday she told me her friend (who is imaginary) has a name. I start asking questions about this friend. According to her, the friend’s name is Angel, she’s five, and she doesn’t have parents because she lost them when she was a baby… really creeped me out!

15. When my daughter was about two and a half, she was outside with us one day and just out of the blue, looks at my husband and me and says, “I remember when I was in heaven before I was born. I had to stand in line and wait for God to give me my bones!” Then she just went about her business while her dad and I just looked creeped out!

16. My four year old daughter was sitting on the toilet in a public restroom two weeks ago… With several other females around us.. She was singing “wait for it, wait for it” and then hollered “here comes the mother load” as she pooped. I could hear others giggling, and couldn’t do much but laugh myself! She is my free spirited baby!CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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