17. My Four year old said “Bob is going to die tomorrow” My grandfather is Bob. The next day my grandma called, her brother Bob had died.

18. “Tonight, when you sleep, we’re going to shove Gavin back into your tummy. Okay, mom?”

19. My four year old son told me his brother (22 months) died in a waterfall. The 22 month old is petrified of the shower, sprinklers and fountains.

20. I was watching The Breakfast Club with my oldest daughter when my younger one came in the room, she was seven at the time, and says “Hey! I remember seeing this in the theatre when I was like fifteen! Great movie! I love Claire!” And left the room. She has also told me that she remembers my oldest daughter being born and how she was there to see it. They are seven years apart in age.

21. One night while reading to my then three year old, I asked her if her angels were here. She replied yes and pointed to the hammock in the corner of her room which held all of her stuffed animals. At this point a musical elephant started to play music. The thing is no one had touched that toy since before she was born.

22. A friend of mine and her four year old son were cleaning out her attic and all of a sudden he says “Mommy, why is this little boy in our house?” there was no one in there but the two of them.

23. My daughter who is four and a half years old woke up one morning and asked me if Grammie was still here. I responded, “no, was Grammie here last night?” Yes she replied. Later that day I showed her a photo that I had in a drawer and asked her to tell me who it was. She said, that’s Grammie! My grandmother, who we called Grammie died 3.5 years before she was even born and I have no photos of her on my walls. She should not know who she is at all!

24. My son was around three at the time, and I had just gone to watch The Sixth Sense. The movie had scared me a little bit but I didn’t think much of it. That is until my son came from his room and said “Mommy the red lady is talking to me”. I about jumped out of my skin and asked him to repeat himself. Again he said “mom, the red lady is talking to me”. I was visibly shaken as were my sister and ex husband who were there at the time. We all were scared but I walked into his room with him and he showed me the “red lady”. It was a lady bug and it was making some kind of noise. I’ve never been so happy to see a bug in my house.




And hilarious. Hahaha.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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