I try to always look for the good in people. Sometimes it’s easier said than done.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t good going on around all of us constantly. And this is proof.

Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook wall I asked you all to share the nicest thing you’ve ever seen a stranger do for someone else. These were your replies.

Because. People really are good.

  1. Back when I was a single mom of a toddler without dental insurance for myself (I was a college student working part time) one weekend I had a horrible tooth ache that it so bad by Sunday I was crying. I started calling dentist trying to see who would take cash n see me on a Sunday. One dentist, who was closed, but his service gave him a message drove in, opened his practice, fixed my tooth, gave me meds and then smiled and said no charge. Give back to someone else when you can, and yes I’ve had the opportunity to pay it forward many times!
  2. When my daughter was four, she noticed an elderly gentleman in front of us at the grocery store trying to come up with enough money to pay for what he needed. He had already set aside the unnecessary items and seems frustrated he didn’t have what he thought he had for the essentials. Without even asking me (because she knows me that well whether we could really afford to or not) she went around and told the cashier to just put everything he had to take out on our bill but make sure and bag it separately. Even before I was finished paying she rolled her very own cart out the door to his car (he had barely made it there at that point) and just exclaimed that he forgot some of his items on the counter. Looking confused he just said thank you and loaded the groceries. We haven’t seen him or talked about it since, but it really made her day that we could help that man. That made me a very proud mama too!
  3. I saw two other moms come to the aid of a very tired looking and frustrated mother in the grocery store who’s baby was behaving badly. She literally was so frustrated that she just broke down in tears when the child threw about the 10th thing out of the cart. Two other mom’s swooped in, one tending the child and the other helping her finish shopping; all of them chatting the entire time. It was such an act of kindness and working there I knew this single mom worked a lot and had little or no help most of the time. That was in college and now i’m in my 40’s; I’ll never forget it.
  4. When I was poor (family income consisting only from maternity leave money, my partner at that time unemployed), and my washing machine broke down, impossible to get fixed……. someone I never met, knew only through an internet discussion board for some months, offered to lend me enough money to buy a new one, for undefined time (whenever I’ll be able to repay it, she was OK with it).
  5. I live in Chicago and people aren’t always kind to strangers here. One day I was in a Panera and saw a teenage boy offer to carry a cup of coffee back to a lady’s table after seeing that she was very clearly struggling to keep her balance and not spill her hot coffee. Made me smile and gave me hope in the next generation.
  6. y husband, trying to save money, took a Greyhound bus from Fla to Wash state. On one of the stops an inmate who had just been released from prison sat next to him. A plastic trash bag held all his possessions. The ex prisoner told my husband his story and how his mom wouldn’t pick him up so he would have to walk home with the bag and everyone would know he was just released from prison. My husband emptied his suitcase and gave it to the man and my husband put his belongings in the bag. My husband said everyone deserves a second chance.
  7. A man once stopped in a rain storm and helped me change a tire in the turning lane. It was such a huge help since I also had two small kids in the car with me.


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