He’s my main man. My true best friend. My everything. And I am his. He would go into 45 degree lake water just to swim with Dad and he would hike for hours up steep mountains just to say we did it together. There is no one on Earth he trusts more to protect him, take care of him, understand him, and be that rock for him. I truly believe that.

The last few months he has been breaking down. Before Chappy’s accident, there were some hard things going on at his other house. It happens in any family. I don’t know the details. I don’t know much, really. I only know that he was struggling and starting to really lose control. He was often stressed. And anxious. And misbehaving. And defiant. He was not himself, and he would only tell me snippets of what he was going through, but they were snippets that I could match to his behavior and body language and see a much more real picture form.

I know my son. I live and breathe for the well-being of my son.

And there is also Sarah.

The Farmer’s Daughter.

We broke things off earlier this week.

She was my number one. A truly great and best friend. My everything. And I was hers. She would do fun things that terrified her just because I wanted her to and she would push me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. She was my confidant, my support, my lover, my everything.

The last couple months have been interspersed with tense moments and we have not been able to figure out why. The details are mine and hers. Just know that there have been lots of ups, lots of fun, lots of awesomeness, and also plenty of downs.


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