I don’t actually taste much of anything. Like, at all.

I eat.

I don’t taste.

I generally have one goal when I eat. Stuff my face until I’m full, as fast as I can, so that I can get back to what I was doing in the first place.

When I had this realization, I thought long and hard about it. Sure, I had my favorite foods, but I didn’t really appreciate any really good foods. And so, I decided to start tasting my food.

That night, we had spaghetti. Nothing special, just boiled wheat noodles with store-made pasta sauce and crumbled meat mixed in.

But this time, I took my time and I chewed each bite thoroughly, and… just like with the chocolate, I tried to taste what was in it instead of simply eating it.

That’s when I discovered that I could actually taste the smell of a wheat field in those noodles. I could taste each individual spice that had been added to the sauce. I could taste tomatoes, not just tomato sauce. The flavors were exploding in my mouth when I sat quietly and concentrated on what was going on in there.

The next morning I made my usual egg burrito. I’ve always just made them because they’re healthy, high protein, and easy. But this time, I tasted the ham. I tasted the cheese. I tasted the eggs and the tomatoes and all the individual ingredients of the salsa. I didn’t just eat them. I tasted them. And you know what? It was far more enjoyable than it ever had been before.

The spaghetti was far more enjoyable.

And everything I ate from there on out was far more enjoyable as well.

But even better, I filled up on way less food. I was satisfied way sooner. And I didn’t crave anything when I was done the way I so often did.

But then we went on our next trip, and I forgot about my goal to taste my food instead of eat it, and I went right back to my “down three pounds of gas station food at each stop along the way” ways.

By the end of the trip, I really missed tasting my food. I was so sick of eating. And I decided…

I am not going to do the usual count my calories and exercise like crazy thing when the vacations are over. This time, I’m trying something new.

Oh, I’ll still exercise. I miss it like crazy. But the only thing I’m going to worry about when it comes to my food is making sure that I never eat anything and I always taste everything.

This is my new diet that I’m going to try. My new “taste whatever I want” and “eat nothing” diet. If I want to taste wine, or chocolate, or dessert, or any food at all, I will. But I’ll never eat any of it.

You see, I have this theory that when the average bite of food takes me a minute or more to finish and swallow, it will be impossible to eat enough of anything to not lose weight.

I also have this theory that when the average bite of food takes me a minute or more to finish and swallow, I am not going to be satisfied with food that feels gross in my mouth. You know the kind… deep-fried, fat-filled, sugar-soaked stuff that comes in plastic bags.

No, I’m going to naturally and increasingly want to eat only what will be rewarding with each chew.

So, wish me luck. And feel free to join me. Just try it. Spend your entire next meal tasting what’s in front of you and not eating it. You’ll be amazed what you taste that you’ve never tasted before.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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