So, for the past couple months I’ve been jotting down some of Noah’s more memorable quotes. And by memorable, I mean they had me ROFLSHMBE. Here they are for your enjoyment. I know I enjoyed them!

1. Dad, I love Transylvania! We should go there a hundred times! (talking about our recent trip to Pennsylvania).
2. Do you know why I say “gooder” even though I know it’s not a word? It’s gooder than the word “better.”
3. I had to pee on your foot, Dad. There was no other way to go potty.
4. Dad, are you my boyfriend?
5. I think that old lady just cut the cheese and it smells like Thanksgiving dinner.
6. Why doesn’t that guy have a home? Doesn’t he know that you just have to go buy one? That’s pretty easy, Dad.
7. I don’t want to take a bath today. I’m just gonna stink again by tomorrow.
8. Dad, you always tell me that I have to say thank you but you never tell me that I have to say bloober-butt.
9. Dad, I’m pretty sure your girlfriend is more in love with me than you and we’re gonna get married.
10. When I’m as old as you, am I going to be able to fart as loud as you?
11. Dad, I figured out that if you put a lid on a cup, you can put a burp in it and nobody can ever smell it but you.
12. Why do those old ladies waddle like ducks when they walk?
13. Dad, you think it’s easy to walk as fast as you but your legs are so fat they could walk a mile in about four seconds.

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