Last week, I received this text which made my heart stop cold.


Jeff is Noah’s stepdad. Known by everyone as Chappy. Known by Noah as Dad #2 when he’s at this house. Just Dad when he’s over at theirs. And he is as good a dad as there comes.

And last week Chappy did something he almost never did. He rode his motorcycle to work without a helmet. Nobody really knows what happened after he left. There were no witnesses. No clear pictures of what unfolded. Just Chappy, his bike on the side of the road, his skull fractured from one side all the way to the other, his unconscious body rushed to the hospital where surgeons and specialists would spend the next two days frantically doing everything they could to keep him alive, unsure if they actually could.

With his brain swollen and bleeding, they had to remove part of his skull. He has been in a coma since it all happened. He is alive, but far from being out of the woods.

So much isn’t known at this point, and knowing what will happen from here on out is going to be a very slow road and journey. There are no quick answers in something like this.


What there are is a lot of people who love this man and are asking for all of your positive thoughts and prayers in hopes that he somehow miraculously recovers from this. There is his only daughter who was to be married four days after the accident. His wife, who is my child’s mother. His baby brother. Many others. But most of all, there is my son.

Our son.


He loves his Chappy more than you can possibly imagine. They are buddies, pals, work partners, mechanics, wrestlers.

My heart is terrified for what my son is going to go through in all of this. Absolutely terrified.

So please, take a moment and do whatever your beliefs push you to do. Think happy thoughts. Pray. Send positive vibes. Please. I believe in positive energy and I won’t hesitate one moment to ask you all for it. For Chappy. For Noah’s mom. For Noah. For all who love and need this man in their lives.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Lots of photos of Chappy on the next page. He loves his Noah as much as Noah loves his Chappy. That’s for sure.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated with how this all progresses. So many dynamics that go on when something like this shakes your family and writing for me brings more clarification to why I’m feeling what I’m feeling than anything else does.


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