burnt-toastLife goes on.

Last week was a heavy week. It was a hard week. And now it’s behind me, so don’t worry. I won’t dominate this blog with heartache and sorrow for months to come. I will, however, say one more thing to tug at your heart strings.


I’ve got nothin’.

The weekend really does have a way of bringing perspective to things, doesn’t it?

Oh wait. Here’s one.

Yesterday, while on a ride, I ran over a chipmunk who was only guilty of trying to get to the other side of the road. Poor little guy.

I’ve run over little critters in my car many times, but when you’re on a Harley, there’s something much more disturbing about it, I’ll tell you that much. It’s more gut-wrenching and gruesome than in a car. More real.

Rest in pieces, er, I mean peace, little Chipmunk.

It’s been an interesting week, for sure. Besides that mopey and painful depression that tends to follow breakups, all sorts of adventures have been mine.

On Tuesday I made toast and during the move the temperature knob on the toaster apparently got cranked up. Long story short, while it was toasting I went to the bathroom and the privilege of running out with my pants around my ankles to screaming smoke alarms was all mine.

In my depression I ate the burnt toast anyway. I don’t know why. It just seemed like the depressing thing to do.

On Saturday from the time I woke up, pretty much until the time I went to bed, I put together year-three for my “SDL Complete works” series of books. It was a good way to get my mind off of the events of the week. Until, that is, I got to all the blog posts in which I introduced the Farmer’s Daughter, and told about our adventures, and all the other stuff. Then I got even more depressed and went and slammed my head in the pantry door so that I could feel better than I was after that.

But it wasn’t all bad. On Tuesday night, my brother and I went and played in a Texas Hold ‘em Tournament. 50 players. I came in 5th. That means I didn’t win squat, but I felt awesome. I was doing fantastic until I got to the final table and some dude with eight hundred times more chips than me bullied me right off the playground. I went outside and put a witch curse on his car.

On Friday night, my brother Eric and I went to get dinner for us and all the wives and sisters and everyone back home. When we left there was occasional beautiful lightning in the distance. By the time we got to the food district, the lightning was attempting to kill us from every angle. At one point, a huge bolt of lightning struck a power line a block in front of us and sent massive amounts of sparks flying everywhere. The entire block immediately went dark. So did the inside of my undies.


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