Noah and Chappy, three years ago.

This morning I told you the sad news about Chappy, Noah’s stepdad, and his recent motorcycle accident that has left him in a coma fighting for his life.

What happens from here, I don’t know. His wife (Noah’s mom) doesn’t know. The doctors don’t know. All they know is that things are finally looking good for the surviving stage of it and from here it is a matter of when he’ll wake up, how much brain damage their might be, and what kind of life he’ll be able to live.

The accident happened last Tuesday morning. One week ago. The first three days were so scary for everyone. The doctors had nothing positive to say and no hope to give. There was a chance he’d make it and a good chance he wouldn’t. With traumatic brain injuries you can’t just take an x-ray or get scanned under a machine and know what your fate will be. You have no choice but to wait it out. You have no choice but to let time do its beautiful or ugly thing.

And that was where things were beyond difficult last week as Noah’s parents. His mom (Andrea) and I had big decisions to make together about what to tell him and when.

Andrea was understandably an emotional wreck. Her life as wife and mother had just been flipped upside down. She had no answers, only more and more and more questions. Being a mom had to take a back seat to being a wife for a while, but I still had to have her blessing when it came to handling it with Noah.

Thankfully, he was staying with me when it happened and I was able to keep him several days longer than was originally scheduled. But since he was with me, the question was, leave him in the dark? Or tell him openly about what was going on.

It would have been an easy decision had there been any concrete (or even Jell-o-esque would do) idea of what was going to happen to his stepdad. But with the possibility that he might die being a very real one, his mom and I decided to wait a little while until things started heading more solidly in any one direction. To be honest, I don’t think either of us had specific reasons for it. It just felt like the right thing to do.

And so, for the first two days, as I got update after update (none of which were very good) and talked to people about it, and made sure others who needed to know heard the news, Noah played happily as he always does, oblivious to his stepdad’s fight at life.


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