dan-noah-pearce-sarah-jensenAs you read this, I’m sitting inside of a condo in southern California with my kiddo, my girlfriend, and my family. Or maybe we’re already at the beach. I don’t know. I just know that we are gone, gone, gone, white-knuckling the heck out of summer while we still can. You know, squeezing it so hard that our knuckles turn white so that we can get every drop of fun out of it that we can.

It’s how summers go.

Winters drag on forever. Especially this past winter. I think we even saw some snowflakes the first week of June. Or maybe it was the last week of May, I can’t remember. I just know that somehow spring never came around this year. We went from ski parkas to tank tops overnight.

And summers, if you sneeze wrong, they’re over. If you blink, they’re over. If you so much as look at a calendar, you’re toast. Bye bye summer.

In the past four weeks alone, the Farmer’s Daughter and I went to Seattle for the good part of a week. And we took Noah to Hershey, Pennsylvania. And I went to Las Vegas with some buddies. And we went camping. Twice. And we attended no fewer than three summer parties. And no fewer than three birthday parties. And we moved to our new house (I published that post yesterday, but we actually moved last week). And my brother came in from England with his family. And yesterday we all drove down here to Southern California to spend a week playing in waves, dancing with Mickey, and trying to survive the last great week of summer.

On top of that, I’ve somehow had to keep working. Keep writing. Keep this blog going. It is, after all, my job. And if I want money to actually do fun things during the summer, I still have to go to work (which entails slumping out of bed and grumbling my way to the computer each morning).

Yes, this is summer. Sunshine. Vitamin D galore. Farting hippo videos. Color in the world outside.

And this summer has been one for the scrapbooks, that’s for sure. I’m convinced that by the time we’re home this Sunday, we will have white-knuckled this summer so dry that we will seriously need a vacation from our summer vacation.

Anyway, off to catch crabs, find seashells, and let Noah bury his dad in the sand.

And since this is short, on the next page I shall give you ten excellent facts about summer. Some you may know, others I bet you didn’t!


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