18. Richie Ashburn hit a foul ball that hit a fan in the stands. As they were carrying her away, he hit another one which hit her again.
19. More than 13,000 years of human life have been spent watching the Gangnum-Style video.
20. In 1938, Time Magazine named Adolf Hitler Man of the Year.
21. Your fingernails grow faster in cold weather.
22. Four out of five people over the age of 100 are women.
23. Moles can dig more than 300 feet in a single night.
24. The average person eats about 60,000 pounds of food in their lifetime. That’s six elephants, in case you were wondering.
25. There is no word that rhymes with “month.”
26. The Mississippi River once started flowing backwards after an earthquake.
27. The Ribbon Worm will eat itself if it can’t find food.
28. If there are three people involved in a duel, it’s not a duel. It’s a truel. I’m not making this up. It’s truel!
29. The first engines put into Fords? They were made by Dodge…
30. Jimmy Carter once left nuclear launch codes in his dry cleaning. Oops.
31. Cows have the ability to walk upstairs but not down again.
32. People who measure more intelligent also measure more zinc and copper in their hair.
33. Every year, millions of trees around the world grow where squirrels forgot their buried nuts.
34. Baby rabbits are called… kittens.


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