My God, I sounded incredible. Better than in the shower even.

I know, I know. Hard to believe.

I eventually emerged from the bathroom half-expecting a talent scout to be hovering outside, anxious to sign a record deal with this undiscovered phenom.

What I got was awkward eye-contact with the prettiest girl I may have ever seen in my life.

And the way she was looking at me so strangely, I knew she had been enjoying every word that I sang.

So, I did what anyone awesome would do when they get busted.

I looked her dead in her pretty blue eyes and I said, “Wanna come sing a duet? The acoustics in here are aaaaaamazing.

She laughed.

I laughed.

She declined.

I shrugged.

I headed back to my seat and on the way we did the whole awkward airplane bathroom swap thing that we all know all too well.

And as I sat there, I couldn’t help but wonder if I could hear the faint and amazing sound of Christina Aguilera coming from the bathroom somewhere far behind me.

Dan Pearce, The Single Dad Laughing Blog