At least once each week I get sucked into something completely random on Google. And… I don’t get any work done. So, instead of letting that time go to waste, I decided I might as well share whatever randomness it was that sucked part of my life away.

This week, man’s early attempt at flight.

Noah has been on 22 airplanes now. We know because every time we add one to the stack we make a big deal about how his number is growing.

When we got home from our last trip, he asked me how airplanes flew when they were so heavy. That led to learning, which led to me telling him how hard it was for people to learn how to fly, which led to us searching Google for videos of man’s early attempts at flying.

We all take for granted the giant planes and jets that so easily take us from here to there. But a lot of people had to work really hard to make that a possibility for all of us. A lot of time, money, sacrifice, injuries, and probably even death (I couldn’t find data about that, but it sure looks like it in video #2).

Anyway, watch these two videos and next time you’re flying 32,000 feet at six hundred miles per hour, think about what these people did.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughingearly-attempts-at-flight

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