I should probably confess something to you all.

I have a sweating problem.

And not just a little sweating problem. I have a major sweating problem.

It all started after I was helicoptered off of that dang mountain the summer before last. As you’ll remember, I got heat stroke so bad that I was probably minutes from death when Search and Rescue got to me.

And apparently, when you get heat stroke and heat cramps, your body doesn’t mess around ever again. From there on out, if it feels the slightest bit hot, you start to sweat. Like, to death. If the temperature rises at all. You sweat to death. In fact, you could probably be buck naked sliding down an iceberg and you’d sweat to death. You see, once you have heat stroke you’re at high risk of developing it again, so your body does everything it can to stay cool.

Usually this is maintainable for me. Sometimes it’s not. Dancing at clubs, dancing at Peruvian restaurants, or even dancing in the shower is enough to make me start gushing. But that’s okay. I dance to dance, not to look unsweaty.

When it becomes a real problem is when I’m about to go on National TV and I already have a nervous sweating problem on top of my now nonstandard body heat problem.

If you’re new to the term nervous sweating, this is how it works.

You get nervous about something (often in a social setting), and you start sweating. You are aware of your condition, and so when you first feel the sweat, you sweat more. And when you feel yourself sweating more, you start gushing sweat like it’s your personal job to come up with enough moisture to put out the next eruption from Mount Saint Helens.  It’s very annoying.

And, I even have that under control, the vast majority of the time.

I flew to New York City after the producer invited me to come talk to Katie Couric and I felt cool and confident when I did. I wasn’t really nervous about it. My pre-interview (which I’ll talk about next week in another non-related post) went really well. The questions were right up my alley. I answered them all with ease and confidence.

I woke up the morning of the taping in my hotel room. I had given myself three hours to get myself prepared and mentally ready for it, and when my alarm went off I felt so okay about it, that I went back to sleep for another hour.

At 2:30 a driver dropped me off at ABC, where I was ushered into the green room by the assistant producer. There was food. There were lots of people who would all be participating in all the different parts of the show. There was lots of water. And it was nice and cool. I was a little nervous, but not bad. And certainly not get-all-sweaty bad.


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