Trolls and Haters. Everyone says ignore ’em.

I say, don’t ignore them. Write beautiful poetry for them instead because it’s a LOT more fun (and therapeutic) than simply pretending they don’t exist.

Poem for the Trolls – #2

I was feeling kind of lonely
I was feeling kind of down
All I wanted was to find a friend
For a night out on the town.

But no one was there
No one would tag along
My old single friends were mostly taken now
It became such a familiar song.

And living single here in Utah
Is different than almost anywhere
It’s the land where being single
Is an anomaly, I swear.

And so in my frustration,
I thought I’d crack a joke
Over on my Facebook wall
I said, I think I’m the only single bloke.

And oh how the gates did open
For people to jump the gun
And assume I was a douche bag
For dumping my woman to “go have fun.”

I meant no harm, I was only sayin’
Where did all my single friends go?
While I was dating someone else
They all had lives of their own?

And maybe if I’m being honest
Which is always fun to be,
I was hoping someone awesome
Would see the post and want to hang with me.

Instead it became a great debate
Of how mean and hurtful I really was.
There was more than just one troll on there
Who killed my humor buzz.

That night I got so damned depressed
I could have drank a fifth of rum
Instead I shut my computer down
And drew a tattoo on my bum.

I really did.

Nothing but love, haters. Nothing but love.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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