Trolls and Haters. Everyone says ignore ’em.

I say, don’t ignore them. Write beautiful poetry for them instead because it’s a LOT more fun (and therapeutic) than simply pretending they don’t exist.

Poem for the Trolls – #2

My shoulder feels a little bare
I just wanted some art up there.
I’ve waited years to get new ink
It took me years to really think

About what matters most in life
And what I want since my last wife
And what means the very most to me
And what deserves such permanency.

Yes, after years, I finally knew
Just what I wanted in my tattoo
But who to draw it, what kind of art?
That would be the tricky part.

And then this brilliant thought I had
A contest could be really rad.
A nice cash prize and lots of fun,
But entries, would there be a ton?

I didn’t know, so I knew I must
Ask first to avoid a total bust.
“Would any of you out there care at all?
Would any of you heed my artwork call?”

“I would!” “Me, too!” “Yeah, count me in!”
“The very thought makes me want to grin!”
Yes, many there were who thought it rad
Who didn’t join those who next made me sad.

Because after that things went downhill
Yes, soon showed up some real pills
Who screamed and called me a real schmuck
With the intensity of a firetruck.

“Only soulless jerks would pull such stunts,
And ruin art,” they said through grunts.
“Artists should not work for free!
Now let me hit you with this tree.”

“I used to like your little blog,
But now I think I’m taking off.”
“Just when I think someone else gets it,
You go and prove you’re a giant idiot.”

Well, I was irked, as you can guess.
What started as fun was now a mess.
And people were angry and ticked and bitter,
They bit through my happiness like rabid critters.

God, I thought it would be so stinkin’ rad,
To have you involved when they inked this dad,
But the trolls won this round, I’ll now admit.
I just don’t want to put up with their fits.

So I’ll just say to all of them,
Go back to school and grab a pen.
And learn the best way to say what’s fair,
It doesn’t include yelling and pulling hair.

Next time just say, hey did you know this Dan?
The artist world is one tight close-knit clan.
And we work hard and pay our dues,
Could you recognize that and be our boo?

I respond to niceness ten times better
Than to mean comments and hurtful letters.
And sometimes I’ll step back and say
You know you’re right. There’s a better way.

But this time because you were jerks to me.

I’m just going to ignore you.

And eat some ice cream.

The end.

Nothing but love, haters. Nothing but love.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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