Trolls and Haters. Everyone says ignore ’em.

I say, don’t ignore them. Write beautiful poetry for them instead because it’s a LOT more fun (and therapeutic) than simply pretending they don’t exist.

Oh, and PS. This was meant to be read in a ridiculous Dr. Seussy sort of rhythm.

Poem for the Trolls – #5

The trolls! Oh, my gosh,
Where were they this week?
“I really missed seeing them,”
said I, tongue in cheek.

As I sat down to write
them this beautiful post,
I couldn’t think of a single
Meanie blog troll to roast.

Did they all for some reason leave?
Have they all for some reason gone?
Did they give up their douchery?
Did they decide it was wrong?

Or maybe they came,
And I simply missed out
Maybe I’ve just been too busy
To notice them shout

First a brand new website
That I built all on my own
I wonder if they saw that
And found reasons to groan

Then the forums did launch
So we all could get talking
I wonder if they saw that
And began all their mocking

Or maybe when they saw
My new Spanish website
I missed all their ranting
As I plugged through the nights

Working and toiling
To make this place more nifty
Sweating and bleeding,
To you all it’s my gifty.

But work it does take
Yes, even more than a lot
And so if the trolls came
Their comments were for naught

Because this past week alone
I was a terrible host
And read almost no comments
On any of my posts

So to all you who left
Comments happy and sweet,
Forgive me for that,
I’ll be back full-force next week.

And if there were trolls
Who came round here to share,
I’ll see you ‘round next week
Where I’ll continually not care.

Nothing but love, haters. Nothing but love.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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