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It’s been a long time since I shared a response to I’m Christian Unless You’re Gay. I still get plenty of both heartbreaking and incredible responses, but I am hesitant to share too many.

This one really touched me, though. Maybe it’s because of the raw honesty. Maybe it’s because it demonstrates how simply complicated the problem still is. Maybe it’s just because it shows that society can change, one person at a time.

Anyway, it made my day. I hope it makes yours. His email subject was, “I wasn’t Christian when my nephew was gay.”

Hi Dan, I hope you’ll read this. I have been following your blog for about two years and felt it was time to send you a note to thank you. I’m sorry I haven’t done it sooner.

About two years ago my nephew came out as gay and I will admit that I have always been very homophobic. It’s how I’ve been raised and most of my family is.

I was never very close to this nephew I guess, but when he told the family he was gay he did it in such an angry way over email and the whole family got pretty upset about it and it caused some serious family problems because everyone had a different solution to the problem and people were blaming each other and it got to a point where for a while we didn’t talk, all because he was gay.

It was only a couple weeks or months later that you wrote your article about christians loving everyone but gays (I know there was more to it than that) and I can tell you that I saw the title and because of everything going on, I immediately sat down to write you an upset email to tell you why I would stop following your blog and why you lost me.

I wrote about half an email to you and I realized I was writing this for what a title?! I didn’t even read it yet and I felt embarrased about that so I decided to read it first and I can’t say it changed my life, but it was more like a bur under my saddle and I realized that I had never been christian at all. The more I watched my family and my nephew the more I realized that none of us were chrisitans, not really.


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