Last week on the SDL Facebook page, I shared this picture that has been going around the Internet.


I just thought it was super cute and touching. But then in the comments, debate ensued over whether or not a tree could grow that fast.

And that got me to thinking about my tree. The one I planted when I was just a preteen, and wondering if it was still there.

My brother Eric and I both cut switches off of a neighbor’s willow tree (with their permission), and we stuck them into a big garbage can full of water for like three months or something until they started growing roots. Every couple days we’d go check our branches and make sure there was enough water in the garbage can. I remember half-way through the mosquitoes got to it and there were a bazillion little mosquito larva swimming around in the water. It was pretty cool.

Eventually, there were some nice long stringy roots hanging off of both of our branches, and under Mom’s direction and encouragement, we both went and dug holes, planted our trees, and waited to see if they’d grow.

Mine grew like crazy. Eric’s, well, let’s just say it struggled.

My tree was next to a sprinkler box that had a constant leak. His was next to nothing and struggled to get the water it needed.

They both grew, but mine grew like a giant weed. Faster, higher, taller. By the time I left home it was a pretty good size tree. Eric’s was still alive but had never grown past dwarf stage.


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