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My Great Parenting Idea that Went Wrong in a Hurry

My son has really been struggling with finding any sort of affection for exercise, and I had the best idea ever of how to make it happen. Except, that idea when wrong in a serious hurry...

50 Weird Confessions

These are 50 overly weird confessions made by everyday normal people who were given an anonymous place to tell something they do when they're all by themselves.

Year Three at Our Tree

It hardly seems this is the third year we've been to our tree. Feels like just yesterday we were carving our names into it together.

This is the Curse of Being Hot

Most people don't know, though hot people often do, that there is a serious curse that comes with being hot...

Tiny Random Post #1: The Old Man and the Dog Turd

While at the grocery store, a very old, very sweet man told me that he "went to the mailbox today and out dropped a giant dog turd..."

30 of the CREEPIEST Things Ever Said by Potential Lovers

Sometimes potential lovers say things that, well, let's be honest... creep you the heck out. These were 30 of my favorite creepy date stories submitted by you!

This is Beautiful You

Every Sunday I take the photos of you and the people you love, and I share them here because, well, I think we're all pretty dang beautiful.

The Three Biggest Mistakes of My Entire Life and How They Changed Everything

These were the three biggest mistakes I've ever made, and how those mistakes have changed pretty much everything in my life. And, I'm now realizing, not always for the best...

The Date I Feared Would Kill Me

I had driven half an hour to meet her. I had waited half an hour to see her. And I was afraid of being killed by her in less time than it takes to disable a Match account forever.

Why the Chappy Thing Was so Humbling for Me Yesterday

Many of you asked why it was so hard to share what I did about my son's stepdad yesterday. Today, even if it doesn't paint me in a great light, I want to share an honest answer.

An Incredible Update on Chappy (and a Request for Help)

Miracles sometimes happen, the unexplainable occurs, the odds are sometimes beat. And, sometimes I have to humble myself and ask for help on behalf of another...

This is Beautiful You

Every Sunday I take the photos of you and the people you love, and I share them here because, well, I think we're all pretty dang beautiful.

Dear Bloggy Peeps

I am officially wiped out this week. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally...

16 Ways She Botched Our Marriage

After sharing 16 ways I blew my marriage (my "don't blow it like I did" marriage advice list), I felt that half the puzzle was missing… Her role in all of it.

The Night I Shook Things Just a Little Too Hard

Today I just want to tell you a (true) short story about the day I shook things a little too hard. For no other reason than that it needs to be told and you need to be entertained.

Two Brand New Shoes On My Feet

“Thank you” said I, as I turned with with a sigh. And I strode back into the street With new shoes on my feet...Now where would those new shoes take me?

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Tiggity Backs and Pup Cakes

My kiddo is in that stage of life where he mis-learns and mis-says the names of lots of things. For example, tiggity backs and pup cakes. Hahaha. I love this stage of his life.

Perfectly Synced

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