I’m dating a girl, and we’re pretty open with each other about the fact that we’re dating other people. One night she read me a text that came through when we were sitting together from a guy she had been on a couple dates with and lost interest in because he had already confessed his eagerness for lifelong commitment with her.

The text said he was sorry for coming on strong, but if she’d give him a chance, she’d feel it too. “Oh, and I just spent the last two hours writing a list of every reason I’m in love with you,” his text also said. We both laughed about how creepy that was. And that got me to thinking. We need a CREEPY date post.

So, over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook wall, I asked a simple question. “What was the creepiest thing someone you started dating said or did after you originally thought they might be a great catch?”

These were 30 of your creepiest, scariest, and downright funniest answers. Proving, once again, that truth is often creepier than fiction!

You didn’t disappoint.

30 of the CREEPIEST Things Ever Said by Potential Lovers

  1. On our first date he said, “I want to take you by the cemetery to meet my parents you might be the one.”
  2. On the third date, a guy told me I had such long and beautiful hair…he bet that he could wrap it around my neck and strangle me with it and no one would know it was him because hair doesn’t retain fingerprints…
  3. After about a few weeks of dating he invited me over for dinner…when I rang the doorbell he answered the door wearing nothing but his 10 foot pet python wrapped strategically around him.
  4. He “gently suggested” his dead wife’s clothes might fit me. Wondered if I wanted to try them on and see.
  5. I was about 5 weeks into seeing a really sweet guy who had a decent job, nice car, great family, when he just frankly tells me one evening, “Yeah, so the girl I got pregnant won’t leave me alone.”
  6. 2 hours into our first date he went over his funeral desires with me, told me how much his life insurance policy was for and showed me the mock up of the monument/statue of himself he wanted constructed and put into a public location for his memorial. An hour later, he broke out his grandmothers ring and asked if I was ready to get married because he loved everything about me.
  7. We had been out a few times. She seemed nice enough and normal enough, and I kind of liked her. Until she showed me her bedroom and there was a GIANT photograph of her dad right above the bed, looking down toward the bed.
  8. “If you marry me, you will get fertility treatment for free. My brother is a OBGYN and when I was dating a 35 year old lady he told me that 200 of her eggs were dead and the rest have downs, so you really need to get on this because you are older than her. I am telling you that his is top of the line fertility treatment for free if you marry me.”
  9. On our second date, he told me that the Lord had given him revelation that we were to be married and that women need to learn to just trust that kind of thing.
  10. “I’m a virgin, and I really feel strongly right now that you’re the one I have been saving myself for.” He was 31. It was our first (and last) date.


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