Weird Confessions

We’re all normal.

And when I say normal, I mean that we are all crazy, and strange, and weird. All that is normal. Believe me.

I myself have my oddities. I have weird things I do that nobody else knows about. And that got me to thinking. Would other people fess up and confess their own weirdnesses if I gave them an anonymous place to do it?

There was only one way to tell. So, I setup an anonymous form with only one question.

What is the weirdest thing you do that you never tell anyone else about?

Your answers have been making me feel weirdly normal ever since. Hahaha. Enjoy. Oh, and PS. One of these is my own, but I’ll never tell which one.

I sometimes watch airplanes flying in the sky in case they suddenly blow up.
If I watch a scary movie I have to watch it early enough that I can watch at least 2 Disney movies before bedtime. ~Anonymous
If I spin around clockwise for some reason, I have to spin around counterclockwise right away so as to “unwind” myself. ~Anonymous
I scratch my butt crack and then smell my fingers. ~Anonymous
I love popping other people zits! I used to pay my ex a quarter to let me squeeze the ones on his back! ~Anonymous
When putting on my clothes, I put them on in order of what I would want on most if there was a sudden fire and I had to go outside immediately. ~Anonymous
Dissecting cadavers in anatomy class always made me hungry for burritos. ~Anonymous
I have to think about my boyfriend with another man in order to climax. ~Anonymous
I always check in the toilet – even in my own home – to make sure there is nothing inside before I use it. ~Anonymous
I think in numbers. Sometimes when people say or do something unexpected, like have a weird handshake, my brain goes: That was supposed to be 42! Not 37! ~Anonymous


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