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  1. I went pee, stood up, tripped over my pants and slammed into the wall. The force slammed me into the other wall. I then had to walk out and tell my husband I tripped pulling up my pants and needed to go to the ER. Broken rib and chipped collar bone… And I had to listen to the Dr and nurse laugh hysterically. Yep. That sucked.
  2. was doing a facial on a male student in Cosmo school. When you wipe the lotion off you are supposed to wipe up from chin to forehead. But because of his facial hair it was ripping the tissue. So I said, oh I forgot I am supposed to go down on you. After a brief silence of the entire class everyone started hysterically laughing.
  3. I got into the wrong car at the gas station. There was a car right next to mine that was identical, I jumped in, closed the door, and looked at the startled passenger! My own passenger, who had wondered where I was going, was laughing their butt off at me. I apologized and jumped out and ran to my own car.
  4. One time I was in a hotel room and walking out the door. I bumped into someone, quickly said “excuse me” and glanced up. I had run into the mirror. Genius.
  5. When I was little my brother and I used to play this game with my father when we had to endure the tedious task of grocery shopping. We’d toss rolls of paper towels to dad and he’d dunk them in the cart. I tossed one right as this old lady came pushing her cart around the aisle and all she saw was a roll of Bounty flying towards her face and she opened her mouth and gasped and in the process her teeth fell out on the floor OF.THE.GROCERY.STORE. The teeth skipped down the aisle like a stone on a river. My father kept apologizing and helped her chase her teeth down. She bent down, picked them up, wiped them on her pants, shoved them in her mouth and said, “Don’t worry about it, it happens all the time.”
  6. I gave a high five to my Deaf ASL professor who was just saying “hello” by waving.
  7. Was staying the night a friends house. I went to brush my teeth before bed and I didn’t look at what I was putting on my tooth brush.. I thought it was tooth paste… It was Vagisil!
  8. I accidentally started a police car chase because it was 2am in Texas and thought only ax murderers follow people late at night!


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