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  1. I dyslexically told a former boss that I burnt my popcorn. It came out as “cop porn.”
  2. I was showing off walking backwards on the sidewalk flirting with some guy and turned around just in time to smack my face into a bus stop sign.
  3. I was on a date, early in a relationship and we went to a movie. He asked what I wanted at the concession stand so I spoke right up that I’d like some “Reeses Penis.” He’s now my husband.
  4. I was talking on my cell as I went into a store to pick up something we needed. As I got ready to leave, I told my friend, “hold on, I forgot my cell in the store somewhere” and proceeded to walk all around and look for it. I even asked the store clerk to help me look!! I couldn’t figure out why my friend was cracking up laughing! She then asked what I was talking to her on… and I proceeded to leave with a very red face…
  5. At my Mom’s wedding rehearsal I snuck up behind my boyfriend and gave him a love tap on the ass….only to have him turn around and discover it wasn’t my boyfriend.. it was the minister! He laughed and said it had been a long time since a young lady grabbed his ass.
  6. Forgetting to wash my hands (or wear gloves) after deseeding some jalapeños and immediately jumping in the shower and washed my face and Lady parts. I instantly realized the error of my ways when the fires of hell unleashed on me and I ended up rocking in the fetal position. My poor husband, was trying so hard not to laugh!
  7. When I was 19, I went in to the tire store with my car because there was a hole. They typically patch them up for free, but he was asking me questions. The last was “Do you rotate your tires?” My response? “Um…they rotate when I drive, don’t they?”
  8. After picking up my clean laundry in a hot South Texas summer, I was sitting in my convertible at a red light and reached into the laundry basket to grab something to wipe the sweat off of my face. A car full of girls next to me stared with their mouths open. It was then that I realized I was rubbing my own underwear all over my face, in what appeared to be some sexually satisfying manner. I stayed at the light and let them pull away – too embarrassed to be seen by them again.

Hahaha. Yes. Even the awesomest people do the stupidest (and funniest) things.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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