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Trolls and Haters. Everyone says ignore ’em.

I say, don’t ignore them. Write beautiful poetry for them instead because it’s a LOT more fun (and therapeutic) than simply pretending they don’t exist.

Oh, and PS. This was meant to be read in a ridiculous Dr. Seussy sort of rhythm.

Poem for the Trolls – #6

This week the biggest trolls weren’t found
In the comments or on my blog,
But in my mail inbox, friends,
Their words were harsh and long.

Two trolls came out by this week’s end
And one knew not the other,
But both said things so similar
You’d think that they were brothers.

“I’m done following your stupid blog!
I’ve been reading it forever
And lately you are boring me,
And you try too hard to be clever.”

“I came because you used to write
Such thoughtful precise works,
And now you just have fun and play,
Go feed it to the birds.”

“Do you really think that anyone
Cares about their state’s stupid laws
Or about celebs mocking hash tags,
Yes, that was my final straw.”

“I have grown to really hate your page,
I lose sleep when I think of it,
And all the wasted talent there
Replaced by your bullshit.”

“And if you want me to return,
You have to circle back,
And do it how you used to do,
This isn’t an attack!”

And since one note wasn’t quite enough
They both sent me just one more,
And said some very unchoice things
Before they walked angry out the door.


Yes, it’s true, that I have written
An extremely heavy post or two,
And maybe yes, just once or thrice,
I hurt and cried, it’s true.

But that’s not why I sat down and wrote
The first entry on this site.
The major purpose was fun and laughs,
And to escape from my tough life.

And as writing truth so often does
I sometimes strayed from that main goal,
As I wrote the things that buried me
And unburdened my hurt soul.

And there will be times, my friends
In which I must get heavy once again
But it has to happen when it does,
And not to keep some weird sad trend.

In truth that thing we call a soul
Can only take so grand a beating,
It can only get so introspective,
Before it needs a break from all the feeding.

Nothing but love, haters. Nothing but love.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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