FOLLOW UP NOTE: This was totally experimental. A few really great comments came through, but probably not enough interest to do this the way I hoped. Haha. Could have been fun.

I love going around the campfire and passing stories around to see what we all can come up with. So, why don’t we do that blog-style and see what kind of amazingly awesome story we can all write together?

I’ll start the story. Then, anyone who wants to participate, write your own follow-up paragraph in the comments below. I’ll pick my favorite three, and we’ll start three different stories, and then we’ll do it every day (based off of those first three stories) until we have three incredible (and completely different) finished works! You know, as long as there’s enough interest.

There are only two rules this round.

1) Keep it SDL appropriate.
2) Only one paragraph. 80 words or less.

Sound fun? Let’s do it.


The Boy with the Very Unfortunate Problem

Once upon a time, in a village that could only be seen once you crossed over the distant hills of Crebecka, there was a boy who had a very unfortunate problem.

Ready? GO!

PS. Everyone be sure to like your favorites!

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