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For today’s blog post, I just want to share a poem I wrote that has special personal meaning to me. I really hope you’ll take a moment to read it to the end and think about its message.

It’s also been recorded as a Single Dad Laughing Podcast if you’d like to listen along.

Two Brand New Shoes On My Feet

Today would be no normal day,
Nothing bad would come my way.
I would not blend, I would not hide.
I was feeling rather bold inside.

So through my closet racks I flew.
Looking for what? I barely knew.
A shirt that made me stand right out,
Pants we all could talk about.

Shoes brand new and full of sheen,
Hair so nice, well kept, and clean.
Yes, I looked good, but not too much;
My jacket was the perfect touch.

And to the breezy streets I stepped,
And toward my destination crept.
Today was my non-normal day.
I looked the part in every way.

And as I walked with head held high,
I came across a homeless guy.
With dirt and life smeared ‘cross his face
Next to him, I was so out of place.

His pants were dirty, torn, and ripped.
For all his walking, he wasn’t fit.
I walked right by his empty stare,
With my nice clothes and perfect hair.

He never noticed me.

And soon enough along my way,
I came across a man quite gay.
His pants were tight and shiny too,
His belly shirt was something new.

He held a bright pink tiny phone
And was talking in such a femmy tone.
I walked right by his little act,
And thought, that guy has zero tact.

He never noticed me.

Yes, I still felt like a million bucks,
With clothes well-trimmed and neatly tucked.
Compliments would come my way
On my so not so normal day.

Then a woman with purple hair
And a shirt that said she didn’t care,
Smiled big as she walked on by,
But not at me, at some other guy.

She never noticed me.

And then a kid with eyes blue-green,
And a cleft lip that made me squeem,
Held tightly to her mother’s neck,
As I passed by on my hurried trip.

They never noticed me.


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