There were a hundred reasons why I shouldn’t. There were a hundred reasons why it wasn’t my responsibility. And there were a hundred reasons why it actually could have been a bad decision to do so.

But in the end, I realized something. All those reasons, valid or not, were doing nothing but making me miserable because they were beginning to define me.

And, as I’ve been working lately to figure out why I’ve been so cynical, and why I’ve been more negative, I started looking at all this, too.

After I let go of my pride, I could see how all this has been turning me into someone I’m quite honestly not.

A jerk.

And here’s the truth.

If I take the fact that Andrea is my ex-wife out of the equation…

And if I take the fact that Chappy made a stupid mistake out of the equation…

And if I take the fact that I have resentments, and pride, and heightened ego out of the equation…

And if I only look at everything else…

There was really only one choice left for me to make.


My son Noah, the person I love more than any other on this entire planet, has another family, and life is very hard for them right now. I have the power to make it at least a little easier. And anything I do to help them is only going to help my son in the long run.

Chappy made a really stupid mistake. One that many of us could (and some of you did) justifiably want to punish him for. He didn’t wear a helmet, and had he done so, we might not have ever been talking about any of this. But what does that have to do with anything? We all make mistakes. Sometimes we all make really stupid mistakes. Sometimes our mistakes greatly affect other people and other people’s lives so grossly that we feel we deserve to be punished for them, and so do others for theirs. But another truth exists, and that’s that when we make our stupid and giant mistakes, we all hope that others will somehow see past them and love us, and forgive us, and support us anyway.

I have made some of the stupidest mistakes (as you’ll read in a post later this week) throughout my life. I guarantee I will make at least a few more before I die. And I have to give Chappy the same thing I guarantee that I will want for myself when it happens. Love. Forgiveness. And support.


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