insanity-invincible-injuryYesterday, I told you all about how I finished the Insanity Workout on Monday night.

Well, I have a confession.

I was feeling invincible when it was over.

I woke up yesterday with a FIRM plan in place. I didn’t want to lose all the progress I have made with Insanity, so I had a workout schedule planned out (which includes more Insanity, along with other workouts) through the end of February.

I’m telling you, this plan was important. It was FIRM.

And I completely tossed it out the window yesterday because…

I woke up still feeling invincible. 

See, my plan was to take it easy and give my body a chance to recover and recuperate until December 1st and then jump into a crazy 5-day a week workout routine once again.

On the schedule for yesterday, I would start with a nice 2-3 mile walk. Just enough to get my metabolism and muscles going, but not enough to stress any part of my body. I knew I needed to recover. I knew how badly all my joints and all my muscles were hurting from being pounded beyond their limits for nine weeks.

But, like I said, I was feeling invincible.

And, I thought to myself, no need to keep the plan. I’m gonna run a 5K this morning and then workout my entire upper body.

You should probably know something.

I’ve never run 5K in my life.

hate running.

I hate it with all my heart. My hips usually end up hurting. I get bad cramps. And I end up walking more than running.

But, I had just finished Insanity of all freaking things, and for some reason the thought of running three miles seemed like it was nothing, even though I’d never done it before. I think my record for running without stopping was exactly one mile.

And, my dear friends, I ran.

Like Forest freaking Gump, I ran.

At about the half mile mark, my leg muscles were tired. Shut up! I thought to my legs. You are now invincible! And I ran through the pain.

At 1.2 miles, the first cramp hit. And it was a doozy.

Shut up! I thought to the cramp. You are now invincible! And I ran through the cramps. They actually went away.

Soon my legs were hurting badly. Shut up!

My heart was pumping ferociously. Shut up!

I kept feeling my pace slow and almost stop at points. Shut up!



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