Take a look at this.



And my child was the mastermind behind it.


It really is one of the worst things my child has ever done.

He saw my Insanity workout calendar sitting out a week and a half ago, with all those fun X’s already slashed through my workouts, and he wanted in on the fun, so he recrossed one of my exes, and then wrote my name at the top because, well, a paper without your name at the top is obviously an abomination of sorts when you’re in first grade.


Now, you may think I’m being facetious. I’m not. This one little act has made me think about so much for some reason.

It really was one of the worst things he’s ever done.

As I look back in time, I can’t remember a single time he ever took a marker to the walls. I can’t remember a single time where he broke anything, or destroyed anything, or spread flour all over the kitchen, or got into things he shouldn’t get into.

He certainly has never stolen anything that I know of. He has never called another child hurtful or mean names. He has never even told a white lie to get out of trouble.

If I were to sum up everything “naughty” that he’s done (at least while he’s been on my watch), it would all fit into one paragraph. Here we go…


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