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Hey everyone! This year, I want to give back to some of you and put some extra cash into your pockets this holiday while also giving your work a chance to be recognized.

So, I hereby am launching the 2013 Single Dad Laughing Holiday Writing Contest! There will be five winners and awesome prizes awarded to each.

1st Place Winner: $1,000.00!
2nd Place Winner: $500.00!
3rd Place Winner: $300.00!
4th Place Winner: $200.00!
5th Place Winner: $100.00!

Winners will not only get cash prizes, but also will have their work published here on Single Dad Laughing the week of December 16th for hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of people to read and enjoy (along with links to your personal blog if you have one)!


I am looking for short stories, poems, or essays that tell a beautiful story (fiction or non-fiction), and also that share an incredible message, make people laugh or smile, and have the ability to entertain. I am looking for entries that people will want to share because of how they feel when they read them. Make me laugh! Make me cry? I am looking for entries that make me feel something inside when I read them. And, more than anything, I am looking for entries that inspire and push others to look at things or act differently in ways that will benefit all of us.

I do not care if you write about Christmas, or Kwanzaa, or Thanksgiving, or Hanukkah, or just about this time of year in general because people are people no matter what they practice or believe or celebrate, and a truly great piece of writing will be felt by all.

This is my chance to give back to some of you (you’ve given so much to me the past few years), and also to help some of you experience what it’s like to have your work read and appreciated by so many. It’s also my chance to spread incredible messages and entertaining reads to so many others. Everyone wins!


  1. You must write and submit a short story, poem, or essay that is centered around a holiday theme.
  2. Each entry must not exceed 2,000 words and must be at least 400 words.
  3. Entries must be received no later than December 10th, 2013, 11:59 PM MST.
  4. There are no age restrictions on this contest. Age does not dictate writing ability. However, anyone under 18 must have their parent’s permission to accept an award. I do, however, request that teachers not ask entire classes to participate as it would get overwhelming for me very quickly.
  5. All entries must be submitted as Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) or Apple Pages format (.pages).
  6. No more than one entry per person.
  7. Entries will be judged on grammar, message, humor, honesty, originality, entertainment-value, and emotional draw.
  8. Entries must be submitted via the form at the bottom of this page. I will not accept emailed submissions, or submissions on Facebook.
  9. Entries must be written specifically for this contest and never have appeared anywhere else, or been submitted to any other contest.
  10. Winning entries may not appear on any other website, blog, or publication, except for a few paragraphs and a link over to the winning entry on this website (after the winners have been announced).
  11. All entries may be used here on Single Dad Laughing as blog posts or however I see fit, credited to you (of course). I may share some “honorable mention” entries on this blog in addition to the five award-winning entries.
  12. Winners must be able to accept their award via PayPal.
  13. This contest is open worldwide. Winners are responsible for reporting all income and winnings as the laws of their country require.
  14. I will be the judge of all entries. There will be no votes or additional contests to determine winners. I may also bring in other judges to help if the load gets too heavy.
  15. I reserve the right to cancel this contest if there are not enough entries or interest.
  16. Winners will have one week to claim their prize. No exceptions.

Good luck! If you want to be a part of this, fill out the form ON PAGE TWO OF THIS POST and be sure to attach your entry.

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