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I wish I could tell you what my four best friends and I so recently found ourselves drop-to-our-knees laughing about so recently. But I can’t because… well… you would all think we are horrible and awful people.

Just know that it involved a blender… and a…

Oh, no. I can’t.

I’m telling  you. You’d think we were the worst people on earth.

And we’re not. In fact, we’re five pretty fantastic and amazing and usually classy people, and sometimes we laugh at beyond inappropriate things together because, if we’re all being honest, those things are the funniest said and joked about by people who would never in a million years actually find that kind of stuff funny if it really happened.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure we could ever be real-life friends. But this is the internet, and we can still hang out and be friends here and pretend like we’re all beyond classy all the time. I’ll just keep my inappropriate naughty secret laughter that I have with my friends to myself.

Oh, friends.

It’s amazing where they come from. How they come into our lives. How different they all are. I often look at my closest friends and wonder how in the heck it happened.

There’s Tobi. Also known as Tobes, Toblerone, Tobester, and Tobesties.

We shouldn’t be friends by any account.

Tobi is incredible. She is so often the last one she ever thinks about. She is a never-ending warrior for the needs of others, an involved and dedicated and loving mom, a wise friend who always seems to know the best next move, a cheerer, and overall just a vulnerably beautiful human being.

She’s my best of my best friends. I’ve known her since I was 21 and she was 17 years old. See, I met her while I was engaged to the woman who would soon be my wife. We were there to pick Tobi up at the airport. I stood there holding a balloon that said, “I’m sorry” when she stepped off the plane. I have no idea why. Just being silly. I watched as my now ex and Tobi embraced so meaningfully.

They are sisters, you see.

And I’m telling you, that’s not the only reason we shouldn’t be friends.


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