Weird confessions

We’re all normal.

And when I say normal, I mean that we are all crazy, and strange, and weird. All that is normal. Believe me.

I myself have my oddities. I have weird things I do that nobody else knows about. And that got me to thinking. Would other people fess up and confess their own weirdnesses if I gave them an anonymous place to do it?

There was only one way to tell. So, I setup an anonymous form with only one question.

What is the weirdest thing you do that you never tell anyone else about?

Your answers have making me feel weirdly normal ever since. Hahaha. Enjoy. Oh, and PS. One of these is my own.

I tuck my earlobes inside my ears to fall asleep or when I’m nervous & anxious. ~Anonymous
I collect springs from pens compulsively. I’ve even stolen them out of strangers pens. I have a whole tin of them in my room. ~Anonymous
I’ve had a cast of characters in my imagination for over 30 years. Sometimes I play out stories with them, out loud, alone. And of course, I have to do the different voices. ~Anonymous
My cat licks my armpits, and I like it A LOT. I make sure to position myself correctly when she lays on me, so that she will lick away. ~Anonymous
Whenever I feel anxious or upset, I whisper “I love you” over and over. I don’t know why or even who I’m talking to when I do. ~Anonymous
I can’t open the microwave unless the timer is on a 5 or a 0. Even if something is exploding, I have to wait until the timer hits a 5 or 0! I can’t open it at 28! 25 or 30 only! ~Anonymous
I try to fart in public. If I can do it silently with no one noticing, I feel like a secret agent who just completed a difficult mission. ~Anonymous
I used to wake up in the morning and pretend I had lost all my memories and I had to search my room and house for clues as to who I was. ~Anonymous
When I am walking in crowds, I look at people and quietly say “yes” or “no”, answering the question of “would date them?” ~Anonymous
For some reason, I can’t fantasize about someone I am sexually attracted to – I feel like it might jinx my chances of going out with them. ~Anonymous


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