Creeped out kid!

  1. When my older brother was 2 he wouldn’t go by any other name than John and would insist on being called that name (his name is Brent), when he was 4 years old he asked my mom where Yoko was. My mom told him she was doing well and living in New York, once Brent understood this, he was relieved and was okay with continuing on as Brent. My brother has gone on to be a talented musician and artist, with friends in the celebrity realm. Oh, and he was conceived 3 months after John Lennon’s death…
  2. “I catch the water off Daddy’s penis in the shower!”
  3. My 3-yo daughter said, “You’re the best mommy I have had so far…”. I said “I am the only mommy you have had!” As she walked away she said, “That’s what all the other mommies said, too!”
  4. Sept 11, 2001 was my son’s first day of Kindergarten. He was very excited the day before, but when I woke him up, he immediately started crying uncontrollably and said over and over, ‘Mommy, it’s gonna be such a BAD, BAD DAY!!’ I tried to convince him otherwise and told him he could watch cartoons while I got ready for work. I sat him (still weeping) on the couch and turned the TV on…just as they showed the second plane hitting the tower on New York.
  5. About 2 months ago my 6 yr old son says, “Mommy, when you die I will put you in a glass box on my dining room table…don’t worry I will make sure my wife knows how to dust you sou you wont get dirty.”
  6. “Mommy, the lady in the white car is okay, she didn’t die, there was an angel in the car with her.” – my son, age 2. An hour later I turned on the news and a lady in a white Cadillac had driven off the Portland bridge, but swam to safety. She reported seeing a bright light that broke her window and urged her to swim. Emergency personnel said she should have drowned.
  7. My Ex’s son gave me a hug, looked up at me and said “I hope it hurts when you die.”
  8. “Dad, my girlfriend is a month late…”
  9. When I was about two weeks pregnant (and didn’t even know yet), my 3 year old daughter came and patted my belly and said, “great grandpa wants you to know there’s a baby boy in there and that you need to take good care of this one so you don’t both have to go to heaven when he’s born.” She had no living great grandparents, and I did end up being pregnant.




And hilarious.

And sometimes a mixture of both. Hahaha.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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