First of all, my friends are the coolest friends ever for letting me share these images with you. Hahaha. In fact, if anything, I’m concerned at how little hesitation they had…

You see, I hosted a little New Years Eve party at my house and I really wanted to come up with a fun group game or something that we’d never done before. And while I was sitting there trying to decide, I accidentally came across this little gem on the internet…


The internet is not weird. The internet is weirdness. There is a fundamental difference between the two.

And I decided to come up with a little game based around that weirdness.

I printed out tons of random weird pictures I found on Google Image search and printed each on a separate sheet of paper. I made sure there was a one-person image and a multi-person image for each person at the party.

I then folded each one up, taped it closed, and on the multi-person images I wrote on the outside how many names each person had to draw (depending on how many people were in the photo).

The way the game worked was simple.

Each person drew a photo they would have to recreate solo. Each person drew one they’d have to recreate with the addition of others at the party. For those ones, they then drew out the names of the people who would be starring in their photos with them. Nobody was allowed to open theirs just yet.

I then opened the images that nobody had drawn and showed them to the group. This is where the shrieks and giggles and crazy laughing started ramping up. Nobody knew what we were doing before this point and they quickly became intrigued, horrified, and anxiously excited. At this point, I let everyone decide if they wanted to trade their unopened paper for one of the ones they could see. Gotta add to the drama and all that.

Then, one at a time we went around the room and opened what would become a handful of moments we’d very soon want to forget. With each one there was a reaction that ranged from small giggles and head nods to screaming and pointing and laughing (at one point I think I detected crying). And each time names were drawn, it got even more dramatic.

I know, I know, get to the pictures already Dan. I’m just telling you how I put it together because it was awesome, and would make a great party game at any party, trust me. Steal it. Use it. Have fun with it.

The best part of the internet is that you can always find weirdness that fits your level of liberalness or consveratism, so this game will work any time.

These were our images. They fit our comfort level. Haha. Enjoy. When it was all over, we all agreed it was just about the most fun we’d ever had.








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