Hand Holding Pile of Cash

I sat with Noah on my lap, tucked away in a corner of the parking shuttle, trying not to laugh at the scene unfolding in front of us. It was turning into a pompous circus act in a hurry. The lot was a good fifteen minutes away, which left plenty of time for the other passengers to make complete asses of themselves.

Taking up the brunt of our same bench along the back of the shuttle was a somewhat bony but plain enough looking woman and her family. She had a turquoise scarf shielding her neck from the barely above zero temperatures outside. There was nothing really fancy about her clothes. To look at her you’d just assume she was your everyday let’s spend the day shopping at Target kind of lady. Her silent husband sat next to her left, and two children bundled up bigger than the Christmas Story kid sat exhausted and quiet on her right.

Next to the luggage racks on the left side of the shuttle was a youngish man. Late twenties by my best guess. I never heard him say a word. He sat quietly, dressed in a pair of nice blue jeans and a hoodie, absorbing everything just as Noah and I were.

Across from him sat a couple in their fifties. He was in an old beat up denim Harley-Davidson jacket. His jeans were adorned with worn spots and grease stains. The part of his t-shirt that showed through was worn thin. His physique showed the decades of beer he must have enjoyed. His wife was dressed similarly, though slightly more feminine. They seemed like an authentic middle-aged Harley couple.

“Where you all coming from?” the Harley man asked all of us at once.

Neither I, nor the man in the hoodie could say a word before the bony woman spoke up. “We’re up in Layton but we’re on our way to Park City. I have a big business thing there.” She said it with a dash of arrogance. Her husband visibly shrunk in the seat beside her as if to say he knew what was coming.

The Harley man picked up on her dash of arrogance and added a pinch of prideful retort. “Yeah, I know what you mean, I own a whole bunch of shops.” That’s all he said.

The bony woman immediately replied. “Yeah, I thought I’d be nice and bring the husband and kids this time. Let them sit in the cabin and ski while I meet with my business colleagues.” Her husband shrunk even further. Her children seemed oblivious to the conversation.

“Well, I avoid the ski resorts. Always have. Too many people who don’t know how to spend their money on worthwhile things,” the Harley man said. “Plus, our convertible doesn’t do well in the mountains in the winter and it’s our only car because she doesn’t drive much.”


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