I have so many thoughts about things right now. It’s Friday, so I’ll try to keep it more condensed so that you can inch ever close to that final Friday afternoon traffic jam that you probably have waiting for you.

I feel like this giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Not that everything will be okay here on Single Dad Laughing. I think they will be, but only time will tell. No, the weight I’ve been carrying has been that burden of inauthenticity. You see, if I am living my life in a way that is not completely mine, and if I am not doing things the way I feel is right, I cannot be content, and I certainly can’t be truly happy.

Being authentic. It’s all I’ve strived for pretty much my entire life and it took me more than three decades to get there (or at least most of the way there), which is why trying to play the “cheap content for clicks” game not only was ruining this for me, it was making me feel cheap and icky, much like those cheap extra posts tend to make me feel.

But see, I never stopped writing the Single Dad Laughing blog (I took a short vacation, sure, but you know what I mean). I still have had a daily blog post, with much the same mixture of heavy and humorous that I’ve always had, as well as many introspective and well thought out posts in between. But it started to not matter because when I would put out one link in the afternoon titled “22 Unfortunately (and Hilariously) Awful Portrait Tattoos” and then the next morning put out a more serious post called “The Moving Target of Morality,” I admittedly can’t expect anyone to give any credibility to my deeper thoughts and my more well thought out work.

Don’t get me wrong. There has to be balance here. This blog is most fun for me when one day I’m writing a snarky and silly piece, the next day I’m writing about something heavy, the next day I’m sharing posts I make with you (such as the Creepy Kids posts), and the next day I write a memoir or a story about catching two teenagers doin’ it in the woods. Single Dad Laughing has always been a nice mixture of it all.

As I look at it, I suppose Single Dad Laughing is like a manatee. Goofy looking, lovable, funny yet serious at the same time, and just weird enough that people wonder why they’re so enamored by it. And of course now, wondering why they want to help save it. Haha.


And you really blew me away yesterday with your response and your dedication to helping me save the manatees! Oh, I mean, to save Single Dad Laughing!

Asking for help is not easy for me. Ever.

Ask my friends or family when the last time was I asked them to help me move. I just don’t ask. I hire movers whether I have money or not because I can’t stand the thought of putting someone else out on my behalf for even one afternoon. So just trust me that it takes a major dose of humility for me to ask what I asked yesterday.

Anyway, my inability to ask for help is another blog post for another day.

Today I just wanted to clear up a few things that I kept seeing pop up in the comments yesterday. I hope that’s okay.

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