dan-pearce-manateeFirst, on my Facebook page I will still be posting funny or inspiring memes every day. I’m just cutting back on the number. These are important to keeping my stuff going in people’s feeds. And while I used to hate posting memes, I’ve actually found it to be quite fun, and more importantly… I think that they help me keep things light and in perspective more often.

Second, I am not going to start posting only serious posts, and all attempted masterpieces, and all works that focus on greater causes or greater purposes. No, that would ruin this for me as well. It’d be like keeping my Pandora on the exact same station for eternity. And besides, I think that when those types of posts are mixed into the randomness that is daily SDL, they have more punch and power. They mean something more, I suppose, because they always come from a place of need and not a place of “gotta get a post up!”

Third, I am not going to stop putting in page breaks and doing things that will give me an income and help me support my kid. And I don’t know about you, but I actually like page breaks on long posts. It helps me digest stuff better. The psychological term is “chunking,” if you wanna look it up.

Fourth, I am not going to stop writing on topics that generate debate. For some reason some people think that I should stop, or at least stop doing it so often. But you should know that I never will take these posts out of the mix. I like stirring the mental pot. I like trying to get people thinking about things in new ways. I like touching on the taboo topics. Take, for an example, a post I have coming next week called “Weird Boobs & Little Wieners.” Trust me. You’ll want to tune into that one. But yeah, I’m still gonna write whatever I feel like writing, no matter how controversial or taboo it is.

Fifth, I am still going to do lots of “crowd sourcing” blog posts. You know, creepy kids, funny things old people say, weird confessions, truth box, and a bazillion others I’ve been wanting to do. Those are entertaining for all of us to read yes, but they also help me feel connected to all of you. They help me keep centered and less self-absorbed. And believe me, when you write a daily blog for the masses, it’s easy to become self-absorbed because it’s all about FABULOUS ME!!!! Or, you know, whatever. Haha. Anyway, I know lots of you were concerned I wasn’t going to do those anymore, but fear not. I will keep them coming.

And that’s my entire list. Mostly because I can’t spell out the word “sixth” as a writer without feeling like I’ve crossed a line where I should have been using a bulleted number list. It’s a writer’s brain thing. Don’t worry about it.


Anyway, have an amazing weekend. And sincerely, THANK YOU for everything.

I’m going to keep going as long as I can keep going. Monday it’s back to SDL business as usual. Well, you know what I mean. It’s back to SDL business as the *original* usual. Haha. I am just so excited that no matter which way life takes me, it’s going to be a hell of a lot more authentic. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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