New Years Eve, 2013
New Years Eve, 2013. I’m in there somewhere!

This is my quarterly confession session. Because being human is more fun when we all do it together.

  • I paid five bucks for my kid to get double coins for all eternity on Stampede Run because he and I need to figure out how to finally crush uncle Eric!
  • Everyone’s trash bins were out for early morning garbage pick-up, so I did a major cleanout of my basement and in the middle of the night I snuck from garbage can to garbage can, filling them all with trash bags of unusable and unsharable crap. No one was any the wiser.
  • I got stuck crawling through the backside of a folding chair at my New Years Eve bash. I don’t know how I did it, but it all somehow made perfect sense while it was happening, I assure you. I’m pretty sure it had to do with dares or double dares or maybe even triple dog dares.
  • I crossed two big items off of my goal list because I knew they’d take more work than I was willing to put into them at the moment.
  • I gave my friends a tiny bag of weed for Christmas that they had given me for my birthday that we have been passing back and forth to each other for years because when it comes to weed we’re all talk, no smokie smokie.
  • On one of my Insanity workouts, my muscles were so sore and my energy was so depleted that I just sat on the floor and watched the entire workout, then did the last five minutes just to get enough of a sweat going to take a picture for our contest.
  • In my seasonal holiday depression, I ate an entire pack of Double Stuf Oreos during a single movie.
  • Also in my seasonal holiday depression, I ordered an entire pizza for myself. On three different occasions.
  • Also in my seasonal holiday depression, I blew a crudload of money on random crap because I went shopping to cope. A lot. Some of my more awesome splurges included a new tea kettle, new sleds for my kid and me, and a leather jacket. Some of my less awesome splurges include a new scarf I will likely never wear, a video spy pen that I will likely never use, and a universal remote control for my bedroom that has been sitting in the packaging for two months because I’ve been too lazy to program it.
  • I told my sister that I wasn’t coming to Sunday dinner because I wasn’t feeling all that well, and then accidentally sent her a text that alluded to “other” possibilities.


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