Where was I? Oh yes, sitting on the sofa, hiding my sweat and stink under an old blanket, stuffing my face with Funyuns, watching my pants get tighter before my naked eyes. Or something like that.

Just days before, I had been more motivated than I probably had been in my entire life to officially, once and for all, and with great daily explosive determination, get into the best physical shape of my life.

I had the end goal in place before that, but that first session on the heavy bag had inspired me so greatly that I immediately changed all of my plans to incorporate it as a permanent part of my goal. And not just a permanent part, but the new foundation and backbone of my goal.

I suddenly couldn’t see any plan that would work outside of the new plan.

Now, you’ll remember that I told you I had never worked out with a heavy bag before. I had no idea that people wrapped their hands and wrists underneath their boxing gloves because if they don’t, well, their knuckles get torn to shreds and their wrists are at risk. This is a little tidbit that could have helped me big time if I had it.

But I didn’t have it, I didn’t even know I should worry about it, and I just pulled those gloves on and started punching every ounce of every pent up anything out of me. When it was over, my knuckles weren’t just scalped. They had fairly large holes in them, and around those holes the tissue was completely bruised. By the end of day one, my hands were visually shaking in pain.

Of course, when that happened, my brain said what it always says in such situations. “This can’t be right!” (I know… profound). And I got on Google. And I learned that… Hm. People wrap their knuckles and wrists. And hm. Hand wraps are only like eight bucks. And hm. There’s even a neat little machine washable bag to put them in. And hm. I kind of need another set of boxing gloves in case a girl wants to work the heavy bag with me. And I need a set for my kid so we can exercise together. And wraps for both of them. And look, a little mini trampoline. And ooooooh, Pop Chips are on sale. And oh wow! Look at that! Ice cube makers that make giant balls of ice for cocktail glasses. Gotta have those! And… oops. I just spent $150. Welcome to my life on Amazon, where I tend to think everything is free just because I have free two-day shipping.

Where was I. Oh yes. I ordered the wraps the same day I beat the hell out of my hands, and decided to wait to have my next heavy bag workout until the day they got there. My knuckles would be fine by then, surely.

The next day I went downstairs to do a workout sans heavy bag. My knuckles were in bad shape still, but it didn’t matter for what I would be doing. I did fifteen minutes on the rope, and when I was done I threw it down and decided I was finished. If I couldn’t work on the heavy bag, I didn’t want to do any of it. The heavy bag is, after all, the back bone of my major goal.

So, the next day I didn’t work out. And my knuckles were still raw, and still black, and still purple. Nothing the wraps wouldn’t cover up though. They’d be there the next day and I’d get tackling my workouts again.

And sure enough, the next day… Ding dong. A giant box with chips and gloves and ice cube makers and MY WRIST WRAPS! Finally, I could jump back into my routine! I could finally get going on my big life goal once again.

I set the box down and looked at my knuckles once more. The purple and black bruises were fading, but the wounds were still raw and sensitive. No worries. I had wraps now.

I pulled them out of the packaging, followed the directions on the back of the box, and soon I had bulletproof hands.

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