9. Even worse, they will be a bad winner when they win.

Someone who rubs in their win (outside of a playful smack-talk setting), or who tells you every way you went wrong to lose to them, or who goes around telling everyone else about your loss, is an insecure bad winner. They are either preemptively striking your next win, or they are covering up their past losses, or they are attempting to squelch any doubt others obviously might now have about their abilities. Trust me. Good winners have no need to do anything but put out their hand and say “good game”(or the equivalent of it) when they do win.

10. They will constantly compare everything negative they see in the world to their exes.

Someone who is insecure about their past romantic relationships, or how those relationships ended, will constantly point out negative things they spot in other people or other relationships and make sure you know that their ex used to do those things, or that their ex used to say those things, or that their ex is “just like that.” Trust me. People who are working on themselves and have chalked up their break-ups to learning experiences, have no need to constantly tie their exes to negative behavior they are currently seeing. Ever.

11. They will make fun of those in poverty.

Someone who is insecure about their own financial security will constantly and sincerely ridicule those living in poverty or in lesser circumstances. Think “People of Walmart” here, a website where insecure people can come and make fun of poor people or people who don’t fit their idea of what a financially sound person will act like or look like or dress like. Trust me. People who don’t define their worth by the dollar amount in their bank account have no need to make fun of those in lesser situations. Ever.

12. They will disparage those with money.

Someone who is insecure about their own financial security will also constantly and sincerely mock and ridicule those with money. They will point out how stuck up or douchey specific people with money are. They will constantly tell others why they themselves are better off without all that money because look at so and so and how their money is ruining their own life and their chance to actually be happy. They will point out how not having that kind of money makes they themselves a better person in the long run. Trust me. People who are okay with other people having more money than they do, have no need to constantly point out everything wrong with those who do have more money. Ever.

13. They will encourage you to quit.

Someone who encourages you to give up or quit at every speed bump and blockade that shows up on your path to achieving something great is only concerned with one thing: how your eventual success will make them look or feel when they eventually have to stand next to you without the same or better achievement or success. Trust me. People who are actively working toward their own goals and who aren’t struggling to keep going despite their own speed bumps have no reason to want you to quit. Ever.

14. They will refuse to see the positive in those that intimidate them most.

Both light and darkness exist in us all. Positive and negative. Strength and weakness. And even though sometimes it seems like it, there is no person on earth who is all one and none the other, I promise you. Someone who is intimidated by another’s greatness, light, or achievement, though, will work seemingly endlessly to bring that other person down. They will ceaselessly search for and point out to others the negatives and the weaknesses within those who make them feel most unconfident, and they will not, under any circumstances ever acknowledge the goodness that also exists. Trust me. People who know that they themselves are a beautiful balance of the good and the bad, and people who understand that others are a beautiful balance of the same, have no need to find only the negative in others. Ever.

15. They will make idle threats when they disagree with you.

Sometimes, people who fear that their insecurities have been discovered, or at least are under suspicion, will often make idle threats if you challenge their insecure ways of “acting out.” They will threaten your good name, your livelihood, and your relationships. They will threaten to do harm to your good reputation. Trust me. Someone who is not feeling insecure, will never have a reason to threaten you to protect their own insecurities. Ever.