Creepy Kids

Over on the SDL Facebook wall, I asked you what the creepiest thing was that you’ve ever heard a kid say.

I had no idea what to expect.

This is just some of what I got.

33 More of the Creepiest Things Ever Said by Kids

My five year old daughter came inside from playing outside and nonchalantly said, “well, we just found a dead person in the sandbox,” then shrugged and ran off.
My son, who at the time was only 4, was standing next to my bed when I woke up with a pair of large scissors and said really quietly, "don’t worry mom, I didn’t cut ALL your hair off…” turns out he didn’t cut any of my hair but I still almost had a heart attack from his creepy little self.
My son told me that when I die he’ll bury me in the backyard so when he goes out to "plant watermelons and other healthy things" he can think of me.
My 8 year old daughter tells me that she knows ghosts are real because she hears someone whispering her name in her ear at night.
My 3 year old insists that grandma used to be her sister and I was her niece… I had an aunt killed tragically when I was very young.
When my oldest son was 2 he pointed to our guest bathroom & asked "Why is the little girl in the bath tub sad"?
My daughter told me she had another family and that they lived in a "barn house." And it was blue. She talked about them so much that other people thought she was adopted. One day we were driving and she told me that the "barn house" was down that road at the end and that the horses were there too. We had never been down that road but I turned around and went back. At the end of the road was a farmhouse… blue and horses in the field beside of it.
"Shh Go away now." Oh, okay I’ll let you read alone. "Not you Mommy."
I am recently divorced and now share a room with my 2 year old. One night she said "I see you", I said "yes, I’m right here". She replied "not you mama" then pointed behind me.
“Mommy, what is that face smiling at me in the corner of the room?” Freaky to me because my grandma died in the room about 6 months prior.
I’m a single dad with full custody. One day my daughter (age 4) was hanging out in my bedroom while I was doing laundry and picked up a pair of my underwear. She got so serious and said, “this is the pair you’ll be wearing when you die, and the girl you are gonna be with will be wearing pink underwear.”


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