My son finally got me… He was in the back seat chattering away… and told me.. "I miss my brother" I asked him, "what? what brother?" His response… "the one that was in your tummy with me, but God took him away."… "uuuhhm what?" I asked concerned. "Yeah mom… God put him in the wrong belly" he replied simply… No one has EVER told him… he was a twin… I had an extra placenta, but I had reabsorbed the baby that was inside it…
My 2 and a half year old told me last night when we were talking about my pregnant best friend’s baby that "I know him. He talks to me. He’s so funny."
My daughter told her preschool teachers that she used to have brothers and sisters but her dad killed them and buried them in the back yard. The teachers asked for a conference with us the next day.
My daughter had a recurring dream for about two months. Her description was, “a naked guy keeps dancing around my bed and telling me that when we die we’re all gonna be naked so don’t get naked or I’ll die.” It took another six months after that for her to not be scared of changing her clothes.
My daughter who was 4 years old at the time, was shaking hands with people at church and telling them, "You’re going to die," with each hand she shook. REALLY CREEPY. So we asked her about it. Apparently her thoughts were that everyone dies eventually and it should be good news because then we get to see Jesus. In her mind she was spreading the good news.
My 7 year old daughter approached me and asked, "So, if you die, will *I* get to be the queen?" A few days later she planted a hand written note on my desk saying, "Your future is bleak, your kingdom will splinter, your land will be cursed with unending winter." Thank you, Disney, for always reminding the kiddies that no good story starts without a dead mother.
My ten year old daugter was running through the living room chanting "I LOVE DICKS! I LOVE DICKS!" she meant Dicks sporting goods…
My 3 year old woke up crying in the night. I went into her room and through sobs she said to me "That man on the wall made me cry" So I looked at her wall and there was nothing there.
When I was pregnant my son asked me, "Mom, do you have to open your mouth REALLY big for the baby to come out?"
My three year old daughter was sitting in a chair next to our bed while we watched a movie. Out of nowhere she looks at me and says, "will you answer them?" I asked her what she meant and she pointed in between the chair and our bed and said "the three people right there keep asking me if they can go in the garden. Please answer them."
Traveling to visit family we stopped at a McDonalds in Cuba NY. While waiting in line this kid said to my 5 year old son that he was going to strangle him with Christmas garland. My son replied " you try and I will stick my hand up your butt and pull your eyeballs out."


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