The Single Dad Laughing Health Club
Yes, I know, this picture turned out more creepy than anything else. Haha.

Close your eyes and go to a place with me where selfies after a workout are not only accepted, but expected and celebrated.

A place where you are allowed to be your skinny chiseled self. Or your skinny scrawny self. Or your curvy self. Or your pleasantly large self. Or your tiny self. And where that’s a beautiful thing. Nobody is better than anyone else here.

A place where you can always find a cheerleader when you need someone to cheer for your tiny moments and accomplishments.

A place where jerks are banned and bullies are blocked.

A place where you just do your best and where your best is good enough, even when life gets in the way because… let’s be honest. Sometimes it will.

Yes, this is no ordinary place. It’s the Single Dad Laughing Health Club on Facebook, a new (free) group where we can have all this and more. Together.

We will be focusing not just on exercise and “gettin’ skinny.” We will focus on all areas of health. Physical health. Mental health. Emotional health. Social health. Spiritual health.

I’m starting this group on Facebook for two big reasons.

1) I know that it’s just easier to stay healthy when you are part of a group of people that are all pushing each other.

2) I don’t think a group quite like it exists yet. Not one that’s going to eventually turn into what this group is going to turn into.

For now, just join and start posting selfies after you workouts. You can find the Single Dad Laughing Health Club here. Keep in mind you will have to be approved and that might take a little bit.

Then, as things settle in and it’s no longer in the launch phase, we’re going to start working-in all sorts of amazing things to the everyday group support environment… Trainer tips. Nutritionist advice and challenges. Contests. Dares. Challenges that are meant to push you into a more healthy place. Guest experts. Daily fun. Introspection exercises. Videos by me and others. And so much more.

We’ll eventually work in amazing daily themes such as… Monday Madness. Tuesday Time-Out. Wednesday whip-it. Thankful Thursday. Freaky Friday. Saturday Self Day. Sunday Sing-it. Or, you know, things like that.

What do you get out of it? A whole crud-load of amazing support, love, and excitement. What do I get out of it? The same. I need you all. We all need each other. So come. Post selfies. Have fun. Be healthy with me. Add your friends to the group. Just get in because you’re about to really enjoy the heck out of the quest for health.

Join the Single Dad Laughing Health Club

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. On page two, I’ve posted the group description and guidelines as seen on Facebook if you wanna check it out before heading over.

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