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noah-pearceIt’s Noah’s birthday yet again. Is this really the fourth birthday post I’ve written for him since I started this blog?

Today he turns seven, and as I contemplate just how vibrant and unbelievable a little human being he is, I would like to do something special as always to honor his awesomeness.

So, as I have similarly in years past, I hereby dub today International Act Like a Seven Year Old Day! This is an international holiday and observance of it is mandatory.

To properly celebrate IALA7YOD (I’m still amazed at how these holidays just roll off the tongue), you should really make sure you do the following throughout the day today:

1) Get the giggles when you learn a new naughty word.

2) Kick your dirty underwear under your bed so that you don’t have to worry about them right now.

3) Sneak out of your room at night and peek at someone you love just because it makes you feel better.

4) Look at your teeth and think they’re amazing no matter how straight they are.

5) Tell your dad that you wish you could spend time with him every day.

6) Encourage someone with whiskers to scrape them against your skin, and laugh hysterically when it happens.

7) Look at two men in love and don’t think anything is weird about it.

8) If you don’t know the meaning of a word, don’t be prideful. Just ask what it means!

9) Tell the people that work hard to make your life amazing that you can see how hard they’ve been working (yes, he really does that all the time!).

10) Look at your siblings and think that even the tiniest achievements are giant miracles worth celebrating.

11) Admit that things you know aren’t real still scare you in movies.

12) Let yourself have a good cry when things get too stressful.

13) Look for the silly logic in some of the things being taught to you and question them boldly.

14) Hug someone who needs it even when they’re sweaty or smelly.

15) Believe that your dad is the best at everything in the whole world.

16) Believe that you can beat your dad at everything he is the best at.

17) Jump back on the bike even when you’ve taken a spill.

18) If someone lashes out at you unexpectedly, be hurt for a moment, but then let it go and move past it. Don’t let it ruin your entire day.

19) Accept apologies from others as sincere, and don’t look for hidden agendas.

20) Be okay with telling people you don’t know what you believe yet.

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