First and foremost, you get to see exactly what kind of father he is going to be before you ever have to commit too much of your life to him. And here’s a secret. He’s probably going to be a pretty good one because single dads are usually in their children’s lives because they want to be. They don’t take for granted a single moment they get to spend with their kids.

Second, the time he does have to share with you is precious to him, and he’s always going to treat it as such. If he likes you, he won’t want to play games and waste time pretending he’s disinterested or some crap like that.

Third, he values and appreciates companionship. Constantly being alone with his kids has given him perspective that will make him more present when you’re together.


Fourth, single dads can appreciate quiet. Some of the best moments you’ll ever experience with a single dad is the moments when neither of you say anything for what seems like forever. You just hold hands, and snuggle, and enjoy the moment. Single dads don’t get a lot of quiet moments.

Fifth, single dads have had to develop and fine tune their patience. They have learned to embrace their loving and caring sides. They have learned to be nurturers and givers. They have learned to put themselves last for the well being of the ones they love.

And finally, single dads tend to know what they want. You can take them at their word when they tell you what they want. And if you are what they want, you can trust that when they tell you so. They don’t just feed you lines to get you interested or to sleep with you. Not the good ones.

Dating a single dad is as simple and as difficult as that.

So if you find yourself enthralled with your new man’s ability to talk in the style of a Disney prince and tape together cardboard into a fancy homemade castle…

And if you find yourself captivated by your new man’s incredibly powerful yet gentle touch…

And if you find yourself charmed by your new man’s calm yet unquestionable confidence that only a good dad knows how to pull off…

Then cut him some slack for the delayed texts and the ketchup stains. It’ll be worth it. Single dads are awesome people to date and fall in love with. At least the good single dads are.

Dan Pearce, The Single Dad Laughing Blog

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