Hip-hop teenagers making funny poses

The other night I went outside at almost midnight to check my mail and had to pass the little playground in the common area to get to the mailbox. Two teenage boys and two teenage girls were on the playground being loud, and obnoxious, and probably sneaking in quick make-out sessions in the top of the slide.

I just had to laugh. I always love watching teenagers. It’s better than cable.

They are usually off in their own little world, not kids anymore, definitely not adults, just trying to figure out how to get from one milestone of life to the next. I find the whole thing to be very humorous. As an adult, I always have.

I was out to eat with a friend recently. Across the restaurant, two teenagers were very loudly talking about so and so who was totally doing it with so and so in the hot tub at a party. And then so and so found out. And of course they heard all this first hand from so and so. They had no clue that they were being loud. Heck. I don’t think they had any clue that there was another soul in the crowded restaurant. It’s like they were orangoutangs on the other side of a plexiglass wall at the zoo, oblivious to all the people watching them.

The friend I was with grunted and said something about how awful the teenagers were.”There are kids in here!” she said. I just laughed and said, “they’re teenagers, enjoy the show!”

Another time I was listening in on my younger cousins talk about their woes in the dating world. “I just wanna kiss someone, why can’t I find anyone to kiss?” one cousin said. “Dude, when we go to college it’ll be lots easier,” another cousin responded. Again, they had no clue that I was there and I was literally five feet away. I just smiled. And enjoyed the show. They were teenagers.

Then there was the time I was at the mall and I watched teenagers sprinting up and down the escalators, yelling at each other, being obnoxious, and overall, just being stupid as can be. A lady passed by me and huffed, “stupid teenagers.” I just laughed and enjoyed the show. Teenagers are the best.

Oh God. I remember that time in my life. That time when the only people I wanted to exist was my friends. Well, my friends and girls. The time in my life when I was loud, and obnoxious, and inconsiderate, and stupid.

I remember talking big with my friends about all the ways to kiss a girl but never doing it because… none of us ever had made it that far and that shit was scary.

I remember seeing adults looming nearby after I’d just said something stupid or shared something private, and wondering if they’d heard what I had said.

I remember all the glares, and the humphs, and the grunts, and the groans, and the other acts of annoyance from adults as I went about my stupid teenager ways.

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